Log House lingerie shop makes you feel the warmth of the trees is softening.

We handle original products such as cotton and silk, which are particular about materials and comfort.

Voice of the customer

Voice of the customer

渡辺節子 Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Hello. Elm has been my favorite shop ever since, and I sometimes go out to play. It is a shop of underwear and clothes that the appearance of the log house is relieved. There are also cosmetics, so you can easily advise you on what suits you, or you can take a rest with a cup of tea.
It is such a shop. Please feel free to come and see us.

山田一代 Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture

He gave me polite advice for me. Now, clothes, underwear, cosmetics, everything is elm. I'm looking forward to talking about coffee and tea every time. I'm stopping by on my way home.

エル Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Good evening, I'm getting by on my way home from work. This is the way to my house. Chat while having tea and sometimes take care of your face. The recreation of eyes with underwear and clothes 、、、!
The step which changes to the house becomes light, too.

加奈子 A friend from kindergarten

The renewal of the homepage! And, more than anything else, congratulations on the 23rd anniversary. I don't think I'm the only one who misses the w face of Chi-chan and Satoshi. Please continue to be a place to provide good things and a place of relaxation.
I sincerely pray for the continued prosperity of Elm and the health and happiness of Chi-chan and his family. I'm always rooting for you.(*^^*)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm worried about the feeling of pressure and tightening of the bra,
A. Whether the size of the bra is suitable for the body, i start with the size check. You can try on a variety of bras, so you can rest assured.

Q. Is the corrected underwear for sale set?
A. You can purchase it separately. I propose it according to the budget so that i can make the body make up the part of the body to be worried about well.

Q. Do you have a fun bra that is kind to your body?
A. We have a lot of types without wires, soft stretch cup type, and type that became with underwear.

Q. Do you handle bridal bisce?
A. We handle it. I propose the right size according to the day of the previous take and the try-on. Please come at least three days in advance.

Q. How do I choose underwear that doesn't sound like an outer?
A. We will propose a bra and inner according to the clothes you want to wear.